Driveway Cleaning

There are four stages to the process we use to carry out driveway cleaning and pathway cleaning.


Using agricultural strength treatment to penetrate deep into the weeds roots we rid your surface of unsightly growth.


We clean your surface with a machine that uses whirl away technology. This has a high cleaning power which not only cleans the surface but blasts out old roots and sand.


If your surface is block paving or slabs, we’ll re-sand it all to make it look like new. This creates a brand new foundation which means that following the cleaning process, your surface will have solid foundations.


Once we have sanded we apply an industry leading sealing treatment. This hardens the sand so it suppresses weed growth and helps protect and seal the surface so no sand is  washed away. The re-sealing process also water proofs the surface helping it to dry out quicker whilst limiting the effects of stains in the future such as tyre marks.

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