FREE Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Free wheelie bin cleaning is now on offer for our existing and new customers. Complete your detiails and claim your free wheelie bin cleaning…

Since 1992, we’ve been leaving the bins of several neighbourhoods smelling fresh and clean. With councils now collecting bins only every fortnight, that’s a long time for household waste to be festering and rotting. Even when your bin is emptied that horrible smell is left behind.

Our bin cleaning service means that your bin gets professionally treated with disinfectant and fragrant cleaning solutions every month. We clean your bin on the same day as your local council empty it. You leave your bin out as normal, the council empty it and we follow behind with our bin cleaning team and deliver it back to you.

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We’ll even give you a FREE WHEELIE BIN clean when you sign up for our regular service. Offer available to existing customers too. Limited to one free clean per household.

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